Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hot Glue Gun Helpers

Girls and Guys:

Look what I just got!  Do you see that it says NO MORE BURNS? 

Can it be true?  Time will tell, but I still need to share this awesome product with you.

If you have been reading my posts for any time at all, you know that I use hot glue all the time.

Those precious flowers beg for hot glue and so do many more of the items I like to put on my projects.  And do I get burned?  Yes - all the time.

So I am pretty excited about this product.  I saw it about 9 months ago before it was released for sale and knew I would buy it.  Actually, if I could just buy the finger caps, I'd be happy.  But they don't sell them separately.

The mat is rubbery and as far as I can tell, does what it says it will do.  It protects my crafting area and the hot glue leftovers come right up.  They say that paint will too.

The other tools are nice, but not as necessary for me.  So do you need them?  Perhaps.  But for me the caps and the mat are worth the price which is $19.95.  This is not an easy product to find, but I have seen it on Ebay, so be sure to try there.  My local scrapbook store had it and maybe yours will too.

Off to glue something for tomorrow's project.

See you then.


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