Thursday, September 22, 2011

Petal Roller

Hi Friends,

Do you like tools that make your work easier?  Well, so do I.  And here is one that I think you will want to buy if you like to use your rolled flower dies as much as I do.

This is called the Imaginisce Petal Roller.  The one I have says it is for fabric, but it works perfectly for paper.  You place the end of your rolled flower in the slot at the end of this tool and then just roll.  It makes it SO easy.  It is similar to a quilling tool - but the slot is larger which makes it MUCH easier.

The other end - the end with the metal ball is used to massage your paper flower petals.  You roll it around the petal (toward the bottom) and the petal becomes much more sculpted.

This tool costs $7.99 and is worth the price if you roll a bunch of flowers like I do.

Do you need one?  Probably!

I'll be back tomorrow to show you how I repurposed a card I made earlier this month.

See you then.


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