Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eighteen Months Ago

Good Morning Friends.

I am taking a little break from dies today to honor my best friend who passed away eighteen months ago today.  Susan was a crazy-fun and faithful friend.  She took a part of me with her.  And I'm ok with that.  But the part of me she left behind is stronger because while I never thought I could survive this loss - I did.

So this is a digital layout of my friend Susan.  The background words are from "Praise You In This Storm" which is the song that played during the slideshow at her memorial service.  I was honored to be able to speak at her service.  If you would like to know what I said, you can read it here.

Susan would be proud of me (she always was).  She was my biggest supporter.  She believed I could do anything.  She would have liked this website.  I love that about her.

I will be back tomorrow with another project using dies...but today I just want to remember my Susan and share her with you.  You would have loved her too.




  1. Love this post. Neat to learn a little more about you and your best friend. I know someone who shares your fond memories of her. I wish I could have met Susan :)

  2. Not a doubt in my would have loved her.


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