Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hurry Spring

Happy Wednesday.

I am waiting waiting Waiting for Lisa Pace's new book to be released.  I am not really waiting patiently.  I can hardly wait to see it.  I believe January 30th is the big day.

So today I wanted to show you a project I made straight from the pages of her first book, Delight in the Details.

Lisa is an amazing artist and if I had the time, I believe I would copy everything in her book.  But for now, I will enjoy this cute little birdie and wait for spring....and her second book.

Tomorrow I am going to give you a peek at a company I can tell you has me hooked.  I am totally smitten!

See you then.



  1. The Crafty Scrapper has it in stock and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You better get yourself over there after work and get yourself one girlfriend.

  2. Joan: Mine arrived via UPS this morning. But we are knee deep in two things at my house - the flu and moving. Not a good combo. And I just can't open the box and have it be associated with either. So it may be a week before I actually see it. But then it will be wonderful!


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