Saturday, March 10, 2012

Two Years Ago

Today is a hard day for my family and extended family.

Two years ago today we lost our precious Susan.  She was a loving daughter, a faithful sister, an awesome scrapbooker and my best friend.

Susan was a young woman who loved to laugh.  Her life wasn't always easy, but she had the ability to still laugh - sometimes right in the middle of heartache.

When she suffered a stroke, we prayed she would recover.  Five days later, she left this earth to plant Prima flowers in Heaven.  And if there is chipboard in Heaven, she is filing away.

I sat at the hospital - hoping.  I spoke at her memorial service - numb.  I had many days of disbelief, anger, questioning and begging God to bring her back.  The first time I felt myself having a happy thought, I felt I had betrayed her.  How could I be happy even for a moment?  Two years later, I still cry because I miss her so much.  Those tears aren't for her.  SHE is happy with our Lord.  The tears are for me because selfishly I just wish I could have her back.  But I know if I could bring her back, I wouldn't.  She is having the best life offers right now.  And I know I'll see her again. 

And sometimes I can hear her say, "Susie Cannon Moore...I am so proud of you".  I like that.

So even though I don't have a project for you today.....I will offer you just a piece of my heart.

I will be back tomorrow with a Cupcake Inspirations Challenge post.



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