Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Studio Peek for You

Happy Thursday.

Today I thought I would show you where I spend quite a bit of my time in my studio.

This desk from The Container Store is one I've had for a long time.  And we were fortunate that it fit right into the little alcove in my studio.  We had less than a foot to spare and I breathed a sigh of relief when it worked.

An old Victorian home has lots of funny angles and this one is no exception.  This little nook though really is perfect for me.  This is where I stamp, color and work on my computer.  

So what's on my desk?  My computer is front and center of course.  It is an all in one, so there is no separate tower.  VERY CONVENIENT!  It is wireless so except for the power cord, there aren't wires either.  LOVE THAT!  To the right is my current Copic collection.  I have room for more....just sayin'.  In front of that is my ever present Sonic cup.  And next to that is my newly ever present water bottle.  We are not friends yet, but I am trying.  Then of course is my iPad.  That is where all of my schedules live.  I also find it helpful when I need to check on something really quick or need to look up a saved idea.  On top of my iPad there is a list torn from a piece of scrap paper.  Even though my real lists and schedules are digital, when I have more than three or four tasks to accomplish right away, I usually jot them down and then cross them off as I go.  Old habits die hard.

On the left is a pretty girly girl lamp, a tin of Memento markers and some scissors.  The basket holds the current 6x6 paper pads I am in love with.  It is getting crowded in there, so I will need to purge soon.  My iPhone is on the desk too....and right now so is my camera....but obviously it wasn't in this picture.  And under the table is my wireless printer on a rolling cart filled with....with....stuff that needs to be put away.

Because this is where I stamp and color, the only thing in the drawers are items that relate to those tasks.

The white cabinet you see next to my desk is part of a built in window seat.  The items on it really don't tie into this area, but they look pretty there and so that's where they are living presently.

So there you have it.  Yet another part of my studio.  Next week I will show you some of my storage solutions. I hope you are enjoying this little peek into my world.

Tomorrow I'll be back with another fun card for you.  I hope I'll see you then.


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