Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Little Bit of Digital Splash

Hello my Wednesday friends!

I have been working like a crazy person trying to finish Caleb's three year book.  My coupon for a free book expires in just a few days.

I am ALMOST done.  I have three more layouts to complete and then just a check of each finished layout to make sure they are all just the way I want them in the book.

Then I will upload them all to Shutterfly and order a book for me and one for Caleb's parents.  WHEW!

So now it's time to show you one of my favorite layouts.  I hope you like it.  I'll share more once my book is complete.

Just to give you an idea of how much time I've spent so far I will see if I can remember:

I spent an entire retreat weekend choosing and editing pictures and templates for each 2 page spread.  By the time the weekend was done, I had pictures in 36 double page layouts.

Then during a scrapbooking cruise, I spent all my scrapbooking time adding in papers to each layout. To be honest, after the cruise, I changed out some papers.  I may have been distracted by all the food on the cruise because some of the papers were weird.  Yes, I am sure that's the reason.

Then yesterday I spent twelve straight hours adding in embellishments, journaling and shadows.  

I love to digi-scrap, but it is NOT a time saver for me.  I am just as slow in digi as I am in paper!!  But I love it.  I can't wait to see my finished book!

If you come back tomorrow, I'll have a fun card to share with you.


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