Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Original Rosette Christmas Tree

Hi Wednesday friends!

Just a quick post to share with you my original rosette Christmas tree.

I shared a tutorial on making these trees last week.  If you missed it, you can see it right here.  One thing I can share with you is not to use really thick paper and not to use really old paper.  The fibers in your stash of paper may have broken down a bit, which can cause tearing.  So I recommend fresh paper.

When I took THIS tree to my local scrapbook store, The Crafty Scrapper, everyone went crazy over it, so I made another for them which led to my tutorial.  If you are local, you can see my other tree by visiting The Crafty Scrapper.

Or you can come on over to my house and see this tree.

I hope you will try to make one.  I am presently on the hunt for more ideas for using rosettes.  Pinterest here I come!

See ya tomorrow.



  1. Thanks for sharing your tutorial, Susie! I made one of these for a gift exchange. Everyone loved it and it was "stolen" several times. I plan on making several more for gifts.

  2. I would love the tutorial


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