Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hoping Your Day is as Wonderful as You

Happy Sunday!

I have been experimenting with "foiling" for a few days and I have to say THIS is one of my favorite gold foil images so far.

It is a pretty easy process and I am having a ball playing with lots of foil papers right now.  If you want to see a great video on how to do it, Jennifer McGuire has one and you can see it by clicking right here.  The video is called,  "Five Ways to Add Gold Foil".  I used the last method she showed and it really is easy!

I had the honor of giving this card to a dear friend who just celebrated a BIG birthday.  I love making cards when I know for sure who the recipient will be because I am always careful to put some extra love into those cards

I'll see you tomorrow - so until then, have a great day!


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