Saturday, July 18, 2015

Speak the Truth

Hello Saturday Friends!

True confession time.  I made this over a year ago...but I didn't want to share it with you because I did not know if I truly believed it.  When I saw the quote (on Pinterest, of course), I pinned it right away and knew I wanted to use it.  But after I created this, I could never honestly say, "Oh yes, that's how I live my life."  In fact, speaking difficult truth makes me stomach hurt a little (a lot).

Earlier this summer I could have ruined a precious friendship because I did not want to speak the truth.  I wanted to keep it inside and try to get past it.  But my sweet and dear friend could see the turmoil inside of me and refused to let me keep it in.  I know for a fact that if she had not done that, our friendship would have lessened.  Instead we are closer than ever and with a trust that is now unbreakable.

Still....I wasn't sure I really believed this.  Until yesterday.  NOW I know.  I had to speak a very difficult truth to a contractor.  Instead of being angry (my fear), he was humble and responsive to my concern.  And now we BOTH have peace because of truth - truth that I was able to actually speak.  And yes - my voice shook.  It shook a lot.  And tears flowed.

But now I can share this with you because I can honestly say this is a quote I believe.  I love the freedom that is buried in truth!

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


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  1. Beautiful post Susie and I love the quote sign you have created
    Mandy xx


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