Thursday, March 10, 2016

I'll Miss You Forever

Hello Thursday Friends,

Every year on March 10th, I honor my best friend Susan Ivey.  She passed away on this day six years ago.  She took a huge portion of my heart when she left.

Because she had a massive stroke and never regained conscienceless, there were no goodbyes.  Instead there were five days of hand holding, scripture reading, long one sided discussions, begging, pleading, crying....  But then she left.  And she is happy in Heaven.

Six years ago no one expected anything from me because I was empty.  I was angry with the world for continuing on while my friend was gone.  Didn't they understand?  Slowly grief worked itself out....VERY slowly.  

My pain is still there.  But I'm not empty anymore because she wouldn't want me to be.  She would say, "Susie Cannon Moore (she always called me by all of my names), you have to go forward and you have to be greater than you were before.  You have to help others and you can't do that if you are empty.  So get on with it."

I still hear her voice.  I still laugh about things we shared.  I still have tears.  But I won't let her down.  I won't do that.  I love you, Susan.  And I'll miss you forever.

Be sweet and kind to everyone you meet today.


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  1. Susie I know that feeling too, I'm sure she is watching over you from Heaven, God Bless You and your loved ones sending hugs (((O)))


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