Thursday, January 18, 2018

There's Snow-One Else Like You!

Happy Thursday!

Did you ever see a stamp set and you didn't buy it, but you still thought about it for days?  Weeks?  Yes, that happens to me too.

I finally bought this Newton's Nook Frozen Fellowship stamp set right before Christmas.  I didn't have time to use it then, but it's still plenty cold still in January, so I'll be sending this card out this very week! 

I know just who will be receiving this card too.  So into the mailbox it goes!

By the way, I made two cards using this set, so stay tuned for tomorrow because I am going to show you the second one then. It's a totally different card style and color palette!

Send some kindness today and bless a friend (or two)

See you tomorrow.



  1. That’s a great stamp set and you made a great card !!

  2. Its a wonderful card and a stamp set I have been looking at and thinking about but then its on a list of many many stamps that I want. Ohh it gets so hard. But I do love the colours you have used for your snow people , will make someone very happy.


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