Monday, December 21, 2020

Spicing up the Spices

Happy Monday!

Have you ever had so much to do that you didn't do any of it and opted for a totally unrelated project instead? That happened to me today.

I already had my spices in these jars with printed labels on the top. But for some reason I decided to change where I keep my spices and now they will be laying down in another drawer instead of standing up in the drawer in which they have resided all year.

At first I looked on Etsy for a label download and then I thought, 'I can just do this with my Cricut.' So I did. I used printable vinyl which is a miracle product! Once I had everything designed and printed, my Cricut did the rest which was AMAZING!

I already had some Ikea drawer storage that was perfect for my spices, so now they are all laying down in perfect alphabetical order in their new drawer.

So now I am back to work on a new project for tomorrow. See you then!


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