Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cruise Memories

Today and tomorrow I am going to show you a couple of out of the box mini books I've made. 

A few years ago I was going on a scrapbooking cruise with some friends.  Long story short - right at the last moment, sadly a member of our extended family passed away and I didn't go.  BUT I had made some little kits of a mini cruise memory book for everyone.  Of course, mine is still empty - but I can show you a few pages anyway.

I used the largest Spellbinders Scalloped Die for all of the pages.  I cut six pages and covered them front and back with some simple digital layouts I had designed.  Because I was making so many kits, digital was the way to go.  I included flowers, brads, ribbons and fun doo-dads in each kit and of course notebook rings for the binding.

This was an easy book to put together using just die cut pages and a few decorations.  Don't get confused with all of the products out there- simple can be fun!

If any of my local peeps ever want to get together and do a themed book like this - let me know.  I am always up for a scrapbooking party!  And you not so local friends - get to die cutting.  Your friends will love you for it.

See you tomorrow.


PS:  Don't forget to leave a comment on yesterday's entry.  I have a fun prize I am giving away.

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