Thursday, May 3, 2012

Another Studio Peek

Happy Thursday.

As promised, here is yet another area in my scrapbook studio.  This cabinet was already built into the room when we bought the house in 2007.  I thought it was so pretty, that I opted to keep it when we were renovating the room to be part scrapbook studio and part sleeping quarters for five.

I am so glad I decided to keep it.  The storage in it is great. It sits at the very end of my stand up work space.  Most everything in it is in the same place it was when I first arranged it.  And that means that not everything you see is actually in its correct spot for how I scrapbook.  I need to do some moving and tweaking.

For example, since I first arranged this space, I bought a tiny sewing machine that I use for scrapbooking.  I rarely use my big machine.  So it really needs a new home.  I also need to address that box in the middle of the bottom shelf too.  It just has a bunch of stuff in it.  I need to go through it and figure that all out.  But it does serve as a nice place for some papers I need to integrate into my stash. :)

The rest of the item placement works for me.  The containers on the top right hold bling, twine, glitter and lots of other small items I use constantly.  The next shelf has my dies (in the black binders) and my solid papers.

The third shelf has some less-used stamps in binders and then some specialty papers too.  The little containers in the center are just to make me happy.

The drawer cube on the bottom right has all my tiny embellies sorted by color.  I LOVE this piece.  I open it every day to find brads and such. Even though I use it more often than those blue stamp binders, I keep it on the bottom shelf because it sticks out just a little and I don't notice that nearly as much down there.  Otherwise, it would be at a more logical height.

So there you have the third peek in this little series.  Next week I am going to show you where I stamp, color and do computer work.  

I'll be back tomorrow with a fun little art piece to show you.  See you then.


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  1. I'm really enjoying getting to see where you create. It's so much fun to "peak-into" someone's creative space. Thanks for sharing with us.


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