Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Day

Hello Saturday friends!

Just a quick post to show you the cover of a book I made for a friend.

She lost her sister this past summer and these past few months have been really hard on her.

When I was grieving the loss of my best friend a few years ago, I found it helpful to look at old pictures and think about the happy times we shared.

When I gave my friend this book, I suggested she find memorable pictures of her sister to fill the pages.

Everyone grieves differently and in different time frames.  I hope when she is ready to fill this book, it will be a happy time of reflection for her.

I'll be back tomorrow with a challenge card for you.

I'll see you then.


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  1. What a thoughtful gift for your friend. I have a friend that lost her two-week old Grandson (he was born with birth defects) and I made a memory shadow-box for her for what would have been his first Christmas and an memorial plaque on the first anniversary of his death. She was very touched by them both and making them helped
    me to get thru the grief I was feeling for her.


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