Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Necklace Gift Tag

Happy Saturday!

So yesterday I showed you a card made from this soft peach colored patterned paper and today, here is the tag I made from the same paper - but with a twist.

Yesterday's card turned out to be a birthday card and this tag held the present which is a necklace with an acrylic heart charm. This was a last minute (spur of them moment) type of gift which worked out perfectly because it was so easy to make.

I covered the tag with the same Teresa Collins paper as the card.  Then I decided to add a row of Washi tape to the bottom.  Then I added another...and another...and another - until the whole tag  was covered.  I couldn't believe how it turned out.  The Washi tape was super sheer and just changed the look of the tag completely.

If I don't  keep finding ways to use my vast supply of Washi tape...I'll drown in it eventually.  So on I go!!

See you tomorrow!!


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